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6 amazing ways ResDiary can assist during the COVID19 pandemic

18.06.20 05:46 AM By Peter - Comment(s)
CONTROL AVAILABILITY - If your restaurant or beach club is closed, it is very easy to control your online and internal availability. Creating a close-out in ResDiary for COVID will aide this and can be updated easily. As circumstances change, you can plan to open your business on a future date, and ...

How one of Manchester's most popular bars plans to re-open after COVID19 lockdown.

03.06.20 02:07 AM By Peter - Comment(s)
Pretty thorough approach, however I do believe all staff should be wearing latex gloves even if only for guest comfort. The black ones look pretty cool. Having a nicely styled "envelope" for guests to place their face masks in when eating or drinking prevents some contamination and looks a...

Restaurants - Digital footprint healthcheck

24.04.20 05:26 AM By Peter - Comment(s)

During these testing times, it is very important to ensure that your digital footprint is accurate, relevant and up-to-date. This is a great opportunity to bring everything up-to-date with some basic housekeeping.

Brands and businesses will be remembered in the future for what they do now and ho...

3 Great Italian Restaurants in Bali

15.07.16 04:21 PM By Peter - Comment(s)

Listed in alphabetically

Seminyak Italian Food

Double-Six Hotel, No 66 Double Six Beach, Seminyak, Bali