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The ResDiary Plus iPad app is built to give you a great tool for use on the floor. Control your reservations, manage your tables and run a smooth service, all from your iPad.

A laptop isn’t always the best option when you’re running around the floor so we designed ResDiary Plus, the restaurant iPad app that manages your tables with ease.

Specifically created to work alongside your main ResDiary browser app, it is slick and fast for use in service.

ResDiary Plus is a free app, available for use for all ResDiary customers. Simply download the app, log in with your usual ResDiary username and make the most of the great table management features.

ResDiary Plus features

  • Designed as an in-service tool, meaning it’s slick and fast.
  • Update the diner’s journey, take reservations, book diners on special promotions/experiences and run your service from your iPad.
  • Full reservation process means you have all the information you need at your fingertips.
  • No internet access? No worries. ResDiary Plus works offline.
  • Our iPad app syncs with up to eight other iPads for real-time updates and table management.
  • Integrated W8List means that you never turn away another walk in.
  • See a complete overview of your restaurant with our table plan view.