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Restaurant Ticketing - Credit Card Tokenisation, Deposits & Advance Payment

No-shows are the well-documented scourge of the hospitality industry. Which is why ResDiary introduced a range of options for restaurant payments, including restaurant tickets, deposits, and tokenization to combat this issue. With operators reporting they can have up to 20% of restaurant reservations fail to turn up on any given night, it’s a clever way to secure your revenue and ensure you’re not left with empty tables.

Ticketing applies to online and internal reservations.

Many opt for Credit Card Toekisation, as credit card are only charged should a Guest cancel late or No-Show. Please note Tokenisation is not guaranteed 100%. We can explain why. Should you require 100% guarantee to cover lsot revenue rather than just a deterrent, then you should take advance payment.

Currently Stripe, our payment gateway is still in the process of launching in Indonesia, but if you have banking facilites in another country, you will be able to set up Stripe there or use Stripe Atlas.

How Does it Work?

  • Using ResDiary’s unique promotions system, venues create tickets within their diary.
  • These can be applied to all days, or just certain dates/times or events and sold online or just internally.
  • The guest pays upfront for their dining experience.
  • They are then sent a confirmation email that acts as a ticket, containing your terms and conditions.
  • The money is processed through Stripe and is usually within your account within five working days.
  • You don’t need to worry about lost revenue on the night.

What does it Cost?

  • The set up and use of this feature is included in all ResDiary subscription.
  • There are small fees to be paid to ResDiary and Stripe for processing the transaction.
  • As these fees don’t go through your EDC machine, they are all you pay.