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What is W8List™?

Hanging around is no fun, so we introduced a restaurant waitlist app to make sure everyone gets a foot in the door. 

This is where our waitlist app comes in.  
W8list™ allows floor staff efficient, easy to use and complete management of restaurant waitlist times. Perfectly designed to ensure walk-in business is carefully managed at peak times.

We’ve all been there: it’s 7.30pm on a Saturday and you’ve got a queue out the door. Monday and Tuesday were terrible and you need to be making revenue, not turning away customers.

ResDiary will give you the exact waiting time calculating all the other tables, reservations and W8List  guests for you. ResDiary allows to have different W8Lists for different areas. ResDiary will measure the time you quoted the guest until their table is ready, how long they have actually been waiting, and constantly updating how long it anticipates the guest will actually have to wait.

No more guessing, quoting inaccurate times that push guests to go and dine elsewhere.