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It’s time to think outside of the box when it comes to choosing your event management system. Event Manager by ResDiary gives you the flexibility of an event management app that works in complete harmony with your ResDiary reservation system.

Planned for launch in March 2018, Event Manager by ResDiary will be available as an add on to all ResDiary packages. Keep reading to discover how our event management system will revolutionise the way your team handles function, event, and enquiry management.

BOUND to fall in love with inbound emails again!

We’ve all been there; a Monday morning inbox that’s overflowing and a to do list that’s the size of your left arm. It doesn’t have to be like this. With our event management system, you can quickly respond to  all inbound enquiry and reservation emails with your own internal enquiry inbox located within ResDiary. Saving you time to tackle the rest of that to do list.

Easy online enquiries

Drop the pen, ditch the phone, and easily take function enquiries online with our booking widget. It’s fully responsive and cleverly changes when diners want to make a booking that is larger than the amount of covers you allow to book online.

Complete control

At ResDiary HQ we believe that choice is a great thing. That’s why our event management app lets you choose which areas and table combinations you want to receive enquiries for. You can even decide what types of enquiry you want to advertise as available for diners to make online versus those that are for internal use only.

Put the FUN back into function enquiries

Using an event management system doesn’t need to be hard. Our simple tool organises all your enquiries into an easily accessible single list. Then simply assign users to enquiries, stay on top of notes and reminders, and process deposits. Sit back and watch as your enquiries progress through your conversion funnel.

Converted your enquiry?
Take their order!

Once your team has converted that coveted enquiry to a booking, use Pre-Order by ResDiary to send menus to guests, get their order in advance, and avoid any surprises on a busy night.