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Email re-styling - Aperitif Restaurant & Bar, Ubud

Corporate Branding

Aside from owning your own Database. ResDiary allows you to brand your Booking Widgets to complement your Corporate Branding. Also, we allow you to brand your email communications with your guest to replicate the look, feel and sound of your brand.

Should you wish to take it to another level, you can use our API to program and design to, to create your very own booking integration.

Potato Head Family chose to do so across their different brands across Asia.

Potato Head

Cuca demanded a high level of Branding from ResDiary

ResDiary provides many "White Label" solutions to ensure your branding is maximised. Our API is also available for even more involved integration.

Cuca's Widget Branding

The amazing Cuca Experience

Cuca's Email Branding