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Restaurants – Key Benefits of using ResDiary

1. Digital Diary & Reservations Management

- All reservations managed in one easyto use a Digital Diary. Automatically confirms by corporately branded email (ifthere is availability) all online reservations from your Website, Facebookpage, other Social media channels, email and telephone(if email address ispresent) and inputs into your Digital Diary. iPad App available for additional“on the floor” Hosts.

- Guest bookings can be dragged &dropped if you wish to change their table. Table duration can be extendedinstantly. Table Combinations and table Rankings already programmed into thesystem. Booking rules are also available.

-   The Digital Diary offers a very highlevel of professionalism with seamless syncing between multiple users,computers and iPads. Diary can be accessed from anywhere by approved personnelwithout additional licenses needing to be purchased.

-   Can print running order and otherreports for the team to ensure swift professional service.

-   All guest personal details and creditcard details are protected to Trustwave PCI Compliance.


2.   Operational& Guest Service Excellence

-   Reservations being 24/7, seamless,instant & automatic offers a very high level of service to Guests. Nobarriers and exceptionally professional interface blended into your Website.

-   Removing any language barrier for guestsand staff in the reservations process.

-   The Professionalism of being able toidentify a guest’s reservation immediately without error and efficientlyseating them. ResDiary communicates seamlessly, instantly & silentlybetween your Front Desk computer and Host ensures the highest level of serviceon the floor.

-   Ability to add guests to a Waitlist,whilst waiting for a table to become available.

-   Ability to update meal status of eachtable ensuring seamless communication, and “waiting” guests are seated as efficientlyas possible.

-   Booking process ensures Telephonereservations are taken very professionally.

-   Each booking is unique with no realpossibility of double booking. Booking online reduces the No Show factor.

-   A unique booking reference willdiscourage Concierges of sending guests with no “real” reservation.

-   Removing any ambiguity in reservationsand the ability to stipulate terms & Conditions eg Will hold table if late30 minutes only, No alcohol branded clothing.

-   Ability to close out for Nyepi, &future events


3.   Optimum Yield, Table Management & Profit

-   Ability to manage your tables and theoptimum yield from this. (removing the peaks and opening up more availability).Managing reservations by number of guests per 15 minute intervals (or other)ensures the smoothest flow and maximises the revenue potential.

-   Being able to manage your Restaurantfloor with hosts (with iPads) and/or a Front desk and/or Kitchen seamlessly andwithout any verbal communication required. The speed and efficiency of thisalone is very powerful.

-   As your restaurants are exceptionallybusy, at peak times you can cleverly manage by “sets of rules”, and how yousell your space. Including “pushing” guests to dine earlier or later.Maximising your yield further.

-   Prevent waiting staff errors like 2pax on a 4 top table, or the interlinking table being seated first preventingany joining potential.

-   By using the rules within the system,you will spread your customers more smoothly allowing a greater guestexperience and a smoother service from an employee point of view, andultimately increased revenue & profitability.


4.   Building your business through Social Media and targeted email marketing

-   Having the Ability to take real-timeonline reservations from your Website, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram (andusing other clever Social Media techniques) direct to your reservation page.Photos are a perfect way to sell restaurant seats, and being able to convert apotential guest’s impulsive interest into an immediate decision to make areservation is very powerful.

-   The guest’s email address and theirLIKE on your Facebook page are about the most valuable marketing tools you canhave, and they are free.

-   Ability to capture guests contactdetails for future marketing. Clever marketing tools to specific targetmarkets. Can import & export data easily.

-   Ability to use the CRM marketing suiteand the customer database to market events and capture advance reservations.

-   The ability to promote (upsell)degustation menus as part of the online booking process, can significantlydrive revenue & profit.