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Online Reservations
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Online Reservations

ResDiary allows you to take real-time online reservations from your Website and your Facebook page via a booking widget.

Each reservation is automatically updated withing your Electronic Diary & database in real instantaneous time and has a unique booking reference to ensure reservations are unique.

If a time is already fully booked, your guest is presented with alternative times, to ensure no booking is lost.

Double booking or over-booking is a thing of the past.

All reservations are confirmed by email and/or SMS immediately. Reminders can be set to the guests prior to their reservation, to make sure they rememeber.

Online Reservations can be taken at any time of day or night, and remove the disruption of taking bookings during service.

Guests can add comments & requests to their booking, as well as management adding comments too for staff implementation.

No more lost bookings

No more painful administration of email reservations.

By taking bookings from your Website & Facebook page, you give you guests the chance to convert their interest in your restaurant into a real booking seamlessly.

When a reservation is taken online it allows you to accurately collect guest data for your restaurant marketing campaigns.

Gourmet Dinners, Dining Experiences & other Special Events can be marketed and reservations taken in advance, secured by credit card guarantees, prior payment or deposit.


Your Website

Take reservations directly from your Website.

ResDiary’s range of booking widgets are the solution perfect for increasing online business and creating a seamless reservation experience for your customers.

The ResDiary Widget Configurator

The ResDiary Widget Configurator  provides a totally flexible restaurant booking widget that can be integrated onto a venue’s website in a seamless manner  reflecting your brand and website style. You can customise every aspect of your widget and it  can be integrated with almost any CMS including; Wix, Squarespace, WordPress and more. The Widget Configurator is available, free of charge.

Please note: if you are using the Widget Configurator, it must be embedded on a secure HTTPS website or it will auto-redirect to your ResDiary.com microsite. See more here.

The ResDiary Classic Custom WIdget

The Custom Widget can be integrated with almost any CMS including; Wix, Squarespace, WordPress and many more. Our team will design a custom built booking widget to fit perfectly with your websites branding. The custom widget is available at an additional design cost.

ResDiary API

Your web designers can program and design to our API and create a truly bespoke reservation process.

Social Media

Social Media

With most of your target customers being social media users, call-to-actions on the most-used platforms are important. With ResDiary you can take commission-free reservations through your social media channels and report on your success in the ResDiary system.


Let your Facebook followers make a commission-free reservation into your restaurant diary straight from your Facebook page. With Facebook’s new ‘Call to Action’ buttons, you can now add a ‘Reserve Now’ button to your Facebook business page. Linking the button to your mobile optimised ResDiary microsite gives your customers an easy, quick way to make the reservation, and a smooth reservation experience – without disrupting them from browsing your food pictures and staff selfies!

They’ll get an instant reservation and an email confirmation of their reservation. You can also report on these reservations to see where your reservations come from. All reservations are commission free and no cover charges.

You can add your unique ResDiary Microsite URL to your ‘Reserve Now’ call to action – and make it easy for your Facebook followers to place their reservations with ease.


You can use Twitter to promote your restaurant in a number of ways, and to gain commission free reservations. For example: to herald new menus, offers, or advertise special events. Your diners can also now reserve into your restaurant through Twitter. Just follow the few easy steps to set this up.

  • Whilst in the ResDiary platform, select PROMOTE then MICROSITE
  • Copy your unique ResDiary Microsite URL
  • Paste the full URL link into http://goo.gl/ (This will shorten the URL)
  • Click shorten URL. The Shortened URL will appear with the option to copy. Select ‘Copy’.
  • Paste the link into your Tweet. The link can then be sent to your followers allowing them to retweet your message to make a reservation. We recommend posting this link every time you tweet a message to your followers to encourage increased online reservations directly from Twitter.

Google Search & Google Maps

Google Search & Google Maps

Now we can add a reservation link to both your Google Knowledge Graph which pops up when people search for you on Google, and also on your Google maps.


Gain extra exposure to local diners

ResDiary.com attracts over 790k site visitors ( and growing)  per month and  is a fantastic way to gain extra exposure for your restaurant to local diners.

  • Get featured in the  “Our favourites” section and appear at the top of every local search.
  • Add photos, menus and links to your own site to ResDiary.com direct from your diary.
  • Receive verified feedback from your guests after their visit and display this on your listing
  • Take commission free bookings, that sync with your diary in real time.

ResDiary Now

Sick of looking for food in all the wrong places?

Download ResDiary Now, our restaurant booking app. Designed to stop you wandering the streets in search of somewhere to eat, ResDiary Now lets you discover local favourites or new restaurants.

The app shows venues in your location, with real-time availability, quickly and easily. Be it a lively pub or a Michelin-starred restaurant, reserve a table in seconds from the app.

  • Discover: use the Discovery feature to find nearby venues with availability.
  • Search: look up the best restaurants by location, proximity, cuisine types, or name.
  • Research: browse information and menus in the restaurant booking app, helping you make a decision.
  • Profile: create a profile, track your reservations, favourite venues and share with friends.
  • Collect: gain Avios from booking certain restaurants within the app.

ResDiary Now: your new restaurant booking app to reserve the best tables near you.