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ResDiary Indonesia

The World's Smartest Web Based Restaurant Reservation Solution

ResDiary is a state-of-the-art restaurant table management and restaurant reservation system. It is an entirely web based application, that provides multiple user accesses to the restaurant reservation system and gives you complete control over every aspect of your restaurant reservations.

It is a dynamic digital restaurant diary, which through its smart visual design allows you to see the pattern of restaurant table bookings. It manages reservations, Walk-ins and guests on the W8List seamlessly, ensuring you maximise your table yield automatically.
The system can be accessed from a web browser, a managers’ smartphone App, as well as ResDiary Plus iPad app.

To take live bookings, completely free of any commission charges, from your Website, Facebook page, Google Listing, Google Maps as wellas all ResDiary's channels and apps. ResDiary provides a compact user friendly booking widget, that can be customised to match your corporate branding.

One of the hardest jobs in a restaurant is to get your staff to think like a great restaurant manager when they take restaurant reservations. ResDiary lets you set multiple access levels- right down to defining access profiles for specific individuals. That means that at the coal-face your restaurant staff have an easy-to-use system that manages your restaurant reservations and restaurant tables with minimal room for error, while at a management level you have flexibility and control over every aspect of your restaurant reservations system, tables and customer management.

ResDiary is available for a single, monthly flat subscription - with no commission payable on online live bookings from your Website, Google sites page, Facebook page and all of ResDiary's channels and Apps. The single monthly flat fee includes 24/7 support with a fully managed service - and, unlike other restaurant reservations systems, your restaurant customer database is totally owned by you, for you to use when you like and as often as you like.