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Online Reservations

ResDiary allows you to take real-time online reservations from your Website and your Facebook page via a booking widget.

Each reservation is automatically updated withing your Electronic Diary & database in real instantaneous time and has a unique booking reference to ensure reservations are unique.

If a time is already fully booked, your guest is presented with alternative times, to ensure no booking is lost.

Double booking or over-booking is a thing of the past.

All reservations are confirmed by email and/or SMS immediately. Reminders can be set to the guests prior to their reservation, to make sure they rememeber.

Online Reservations can be taken at any time of day or night, and remove the disruption of taking bookings during service.

Guests can add comments & requests to their booking, as well as management adding comments too for staff implementation.

No more lost bookings

No more painful administration of email reservations.

By taking bookings from your Website & Facebook page, you give you guests the chance to convert their interest in your restaurant into a real booking seamlessly.

When a reservation is taken online it allows you to accurately collect guest data for your restaurant marketing campaigns.

Gourmet Dinners, Dining Experiences & other Special Events can be marketed and reservations taken in advance, secured by credit card guarantees, prior payment or deposit.

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