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Over and above being the Indonesian partner of ResDiary, Peter Dundas is able to offer extensive consultancy services.

Having worked in the Hospitality industry for 30 years, Peter has operated as a consultant to many organisations ranging from KPMG Corporate Recovery, Big Beat Group. Budda Bar Group, and other independent groups and outlets, large & small.

His key areas of expertise are :

* Food & Beverage Management
* Food & Beverage Conceptualization
* Building Highly Performing Teams
* Service Excellence
* Social & Digital Marketing
* Hospitality Technology 
* Multi-faceted & Multi-site management 

* Revenue Management
* Project Management
* New Start & Roll Out
* Financial & Feasability Analysis

Since arriving in Bali in 2009, Peter has assisted many restaurants. These restaurants have benefited from guidance and support over social media strategy, Tripadvisor strategy, and restaurant marketing strategies.

Peter has a current mission to assist Bali's restaurants & other businesses get their address and mapping on Facebook and other social media platforms accurate.  Surprisingly, about 90% of business are not able to get this correct for themselves, and it is one of the most singularly important factors not only in business but with social media and mobile marketing.

Please fell free to contact Peter on +62 812 46764001 or peter@hatisolutions.com