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Table Management

ResDiary is designed to be a visually impactful, dynamic & easy to use digital diary. No more messy scribbled diaries, re-writing running orders and the "what will the guest think when he lots at your disorgansied diary...first impressions"

ResDiary will automatically select the most appropriate table based upon a set of rules that is customised to each restaurant, these rules are setup to include;

 ¤ Table rankings

¤ Available table joins

¤ Expected stay of customers

¤ Yield management

¤ Customised rules (e.g. No 2’s at 4’s, no groups over 10 between 7pm – 8pm). 

ResDiary makes it easy to manage your tables by:

¤  drag and drop tables to re-organise

¤  colour coding to show you whether the booking is from your Website, your Facebook page, telephone or some other booking channel

¤  update the table status easily eg on drinks, main course, bill, paid, ready for next guest

¤  shows guest booking comments as well as restaurant booking comments

¤  displays messages, promotions, reminders and wait-list

Yield Management

Restaurant Yield Management is about selling the right seat to the right customer at the right price and for the right duration. 
ResDiary will help your restaurant in achieving the most revenue possible and also in delivering the greatest value to your customer.

° By configuring a complex set of rules, ResDiary controls the flow of your guests to ensure maximum volume, smooth flow & excellent service.

By creating your own unique set of restaurant rules, we ensure that staff must follow these rules at all times and at the same time giving you the flexibility to over-ride them based on your own personal expertise.

° By controlling the maximum number of guests per time interval, we ensure their are no "spikes" in the flow of service and that service staff and guests alike feel the smoothness.

° By ranking tables, we ensure that the best tables are automatically used as configured and prevent key "joining"tables from being used first.

° By controlling the length of guest duration, we ensure the table is readily available to the next waiting guests.

° By configuring intelligent operation rules, we can prevent tables of 2 people being seating on Tables of 4, etc

° ResDiary's Wait List allows you hold guests on the prospect of table becoming available

Ultimately, it is all about creating a framework of rules that must be followed and then fine-tuning them to maximise your number of guests, their guest experience and your profitability.

"ResDiary makes it able for restaurants of all types 

and sizes to improve their revenues.

It is cost effective enough to ensure that even if you 

run a small independent operation you can still reap 

substantial rewards for a minimal investment.