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The most complete restaurant marketing solution available - bar none!

ResDiary isn't just about restaurant reservations - it helps you to get to know your restaurant customers better. The CRM functions and automated restaurant marketing capabilities built into ResDiary make it a powerful tool for tracking your restaurant customers' preferences and can revolutionise the way you communicate with your restaurant customers.In very little time you will be increasing restaurant average spend per head, getting more repeat business and offering a whole new level of customer service that will blow your restaurant's customers - and the competition - away. 

Powerful Reports (and simple)

Information is key, especially when it comes to important business decisions.

One of the most important parts of this restaurant software is the restaurant reporting facilities. 
Restaurantdiary allows you to produce detailed reports on various aspects of your restaurant. 
It quickly becomes a crucial tool that assists owners and management in their decision making.

Some example reports may include:

  • Bookings report
  • Monthly & group availability of covers
  • Booked hours
  • No Shows report; and
  • Booking source report