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with Pierre Mogot - KU DE TA BALI & Mejekawi

How has ResDiary assisted your restaurant business?  
It has changed our old school tradition of manual reservation system to be more updated, easier access and also educate us of calculating the business. Most important, it has generated the business.


ResDiary, is an fantastic all-in-one reservations tool, handling our telephone, online, social and concierge bookings through it’s online portal.
Inquiries, deposits, table allocations and all customer databases are easily managed through a very simple yet effective layout.
Despite the sometimes difficult language barrier, training new staff around all aspects of table management is a simple and easy process. 
Very helpful, highly recommended.

JASPER MANIFOLD - MERAH PUTIH, BALI / www.merahputihbali.com

ResDiary has made life easier not just for us, but for our Patrons making reservations. ResDiary​ provides Simplicity and ease of use. ResDiary was both beneficial and easy to implement. The support from both Peter Dundas and HATI Solutions has been professional and prompt. The training both prior to undergoing the use of ResDiary and following it’s introduction has been invaluable and worthwhile, without it we would have struggled. I’m a great believer of allowing our business to keep unto date with any E Solutions out there in the market, and especially restaurant reservations, which free’s up so much time from my restaurant team, allowing more time spent with my guests and less mistakes in the booking processes. So far to date I have found ResDiary to be reliable and assists us with our ever growing E Business concepts, allowing us a better direct reach to our customers, and helping them with their booking, and consequently a high Social Media presence.

I would highly recommend ResDiary to other clients looking for an up to date reservation system which is easy to use, install and implement.


ResDiary has allowed us to share real time information about our bookings across a large F&B team, as well as digitise our reservations, so we can get powerful information about our business like where reservations come from, which marketing campaigns are returning investment and much more. I like how easy it is to use, I can train anyone to take basic reservations and open and close tables in less than 30 minutes. At first some of the staff were very used to using pen and paper, but once they saw the benefit to them and how it made their work easier, it was quickly adopted. 

The support is Par excellence, Peter is always available no matter the problem, big or small.  I am confident if we ever had a serious bookings issue it would be resolved instantly and this is a big reason we choose to work with ResDiary. We have had many training sessions from HATI Solutions which has been invaluable. Running a daily operation places constraints on time and having our technology provider available to assist in trainig our staff is a real help. They provide a complete reservations soultion which if used correctly can give powerful insights into your business and also make operation much smoother and simpler. On top of this the service is excellent, it's easy to use but if you ever get stuck the answer is a phone call away.


ResDiary has given our potential clients easy access to making reservations from anywhere.The confirmation email and the automatic generated reminder email to the reserved guest on the date, really help us to ensure that the booked guest will come to the restaurant.At the first 2 months seems we keep asking for every feature in ResdDiary, but now seems even not all features available used by our team but so far the initial features needed really helpful on daily basis!It takes 2 – 3 times coaching for the reservation teams to get use for initial feature and now everyone really familiar with the system. Peter really responsive and helpful with any issues came up during the operations and also keep update us with the new update on beneficial feature from ResDiary and send us the link that show the tutorial how to operate a specific feature. Your 24hrs technical support will be really appreciated so far and keep update us by following up the next day about the last issue.As mentioned Hati Solution specially Peter that we work with so far, available 24 hrs with his technical support by phone and for further issue he will deal with the issue for us and always came with the best possible solutions. And the timeframe seems we never get any issues, as Hati Solutions always bring us an immediate impact specially when we set up new system for new restaurant! With the basic inquiries needed to set up the ResDiary, I think we can prepare in advance and of course the update and the review from both side that can easily adapt when the restaurant opens and running! Well Done!ResDiary is Very easy and user friendly application to get more potential customer from around the globe! The best online reservations that we know so far and really applicable and really helpful for us to manage the booking, especially during the high seasons, adjustable and user friendly with the time slot feature much more easy to create and adjust based on how we want!!

“We have been using ResDiary and HATI Solutions for almost a year now. We found that ResDiary is an excellent tools to manage our reservation in Metis internally and at the same time a very easy tools for our guest to book a table in our restaurant (online). We experienced a very busy and almost hectic situation before we started using ResDiary. Since then, we decided to use ResDiary to help us managing our booking and it proofs that ResDiary can ease our booking process and also managing our tables in the restaurant. 

The booking applications that we have in our website, Facebook, and other social media gave us more and more traffic of reservations day by day. Our staff also can adapt to the system easily and can apply that on a daily routines without any difficulties and hassles. It gives them more time to interact with our customer and we can definitely deliver much faster service to the clients by implementing this program. 

The support that had been given by HATI Solutions was also immaculate and very helpful. We got the training thoroughly before actually implementing the program, hence, we were very confident when finally we put the program Live. At the same time, every time we have any issues with the program, or we face difficulties here and there, we can easily contact Mr. Peter Dundas for support and he will take a very quick action to fix the problem or just to give an advice on how we can fix the problem. 

I would confidently recommend ResDiary and HATI Solutions to every Restaurateur, Hotel Industry or any establishment that require a fast service, needing a boost in their business and also an easy operating system that can help and assist their business.”


4000+ restaurants around the World use ResDiary, here are a few of them !