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TESTIMONIAL INTERVIEW  with Pierre Mogot -   KU DE TA BALI & Mejekawi

1. How has ResDiary assisted your restaurant business?   

It has changed our old school tradition of manual reservation system to be more updated, easier access and also educate us of calculating the business. Most important, it has generate the business.


2. What is (are) your favorite thing(s) about ResDiary ​ ?  
Pulling out the reports and also able to foresee the upcoming bookings then we can anticipate the operations (staffing, scheduling and blocking tables or sections).


3. Was implementing ResDiary into your business easy and beneficial? Do you feel your team easily adopted it?  
Adopting it in the beginning was not easy for the users, a change is always never favorable. However after implementing it for two months we do not want to go back to the previous manual system.


4. How would you describe the support from Peter Dundas and HATI Solutions?  
The support has always been very helpful and the communication in between is always done in a seamless manner.


5. Did HATI Solutions deliver valuable training and support to all of your team at the time of implementation. Do HATI Solutions deliver what they promise and on time? How would you describe this?  
Training was done very quick as the system itself was never too difficult to understand since the beginning. Issues were the connection and the speed needed to be able to operate it properly, all was also coordinated thru internal assistance (IT Department).


6. Why should other restaurants consider using ResDiary and HATI Solutions?  
Mostly is to generate business, easier access and also can promote special events.


7. Is ResDiary a reliable and valuable online solution? Is there anything that makes ResDiary stand out from any of your other services or solutions?  
Very reliable and valuable in assisting the operations, reports from ResDiary is most important as it is the source for our monthly report.


8. What could Peter Dundas, HATI Solutions or ResDiary do to improve our service and solution?   

Personally I truly believe it is the most crucial element in the operation but my challenge is from the user not from the system. The user must be consistent in using it accurately in order to get the right report.


9. Would you recommend myself, HATI Solutions and ResDiary to other prospective clients? If so, what would you say to them.  
Simple, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to generate business.